California offers schools payola for improved test scores.
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California offers schools payola for improved test scores. Why not just pay the students directly? That would raise scores a lot faster!
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Michigan does something close to pay students directly... for the MEAP test, students passing all four sections get a $2500 scholarship that can be applied to anything (tuition, housing, books, buying a computer, buying a car, day care...) in addition to giving money to the schools. Hey, I can't complain. The one thing I worry about is the proposal around somewhere to increase teachers' pay for performance thing because that would mean, not only would experienced teachers or teachers with advanced degrees not be able to switch jobs, same for any decent teacher! Obviously, schools want to pay as little as possible and since they have no bottom line, they don't give a crap if you're good. Unless you're a coach. Then you have to win games. You still don't have to teach well.
posted by dagnyscott at 8:24 PM on July 15, 2000

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