A patriotic potpourri
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A patriotic potpourri. Say what you want about the war. It certainly has helped some people find their special purpose. Terrorists beware! You have gone to far this time & WE will DESTROY YOU. Also Current World News, War Infofmation, Kill Osama Pics, Games, Laughs & More..... (warning: crammed full of multimedia files, including (but not limited to) Bon Jovi cover songs interspersed with screeching eagles.)
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Hoo boy. I don't like these nutters taking over my screen like that.

Also, does anyone have a theory about why, exactly, this type of site is always arranged with everything centered on a very long page?
posted by hippugeek at 11:20 PM on March 27, 2003

hell in a handbasket.
posted by birdherder at 11:21 PM on March 27, 2003

Some truly amazing photoshopping going on here. All the shock and none of the awe.
posted by madamjujujive at 11:26 PM on March 27, 2003

I'm sorry, but the first thing I thought of on reading that post was Steve Martin in the Jerk yelling "I've found my Special Purpose!!!!"
posted by kaibutsu at 11:32 PM on March 27, 2003

Nuke Terrorist countrys!
posted by muckster at 11:32 PM on March 27, 2003

that's one of the nicer warblogs i've seen.
posted by donkeyschlong at 11:46 PM on March 27, 2003

Be sure to take a peek at the Guestbook. Here's a taste (from one of the more erudite commentators):

First Name: : uncle sam
Your sites URL: :
E-mail: : iloveamerica@ilovebush.com
Opinions & Feedback: Pg 1 : well done,this site shows we americans show our beautiful coulours in our darkest hours,
Pg2 : as all true patriots, i wish death on anyone who would seek to harm our peace loving, gun weilding hating any one whose different society, nuke the bastards, lets kill millions, reguardless of whether theyre ordinary sevillians or not, they all deserve ou

"uncle sam" makes an extremely profound and convincing justification for the war, and his "double British" spelling of 'coulour' is a deft tip of his hat to our most valued partner in the CoW. Bravo.
posted by woj at 1:18 AM on March 28, 2003

Everyone asking "why do they hate us so much":
This is the answer.
posted by spazzm at 4:48 AM on March 28, 2003

I'm pretty sure it's a joke (or am I just that poisoned by sarcasm?), but I bet there are a lot of people on both sides who don't.
posted by bigschmoove at 10:09 AM on March 28, 2003

Oh. My. God.
Somebody give that man a web class!

I don't think it's a joke. There's a lot of people out there who feel the same way this person does (my cousin is one of them.) He would totally dig that site. He'd play the games and sign the guestbook, I'm sure.

That's quite a piece of work.

I'm sure others have sights like that about the USA, we just can't read them because they're in arabic. We aren't alone in nuttiness and hatred.
posted by aacheson at 1:33 PM on March 28, 2003

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