Blogging the War
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Washington Post gives a warblog round up. The timing of the blogging going mainstream vs. Iraq war couldn't be more ironic and oddly appropriate. Washington Post provides an interesting war blog roundup that includes the usual suspects: Vodka Pundit, Instapundit, Kuro5hin and others. Are there some notable blogs they overlooked?
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Yeah, this one's kind of controversial, too, I guess.
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Are there some notable blogs they overlooked?
quite. notable blog, with it's notable blogging, remains a notable blog notable for its being notably missing from the list. and then there's fuck me running, an insouciant and wickedly rebellious effort from arkansas native billyblog bob, whose scrawlings on war preparation and proper condom provisioning in family units never fail to amuse and provoke. and what of the irrepressible shitfer brains, skimming and sifting the the meta out of the freepersphere so we don't have to. banzai bastard, published by a lone 76 year old japanese sniper from a pacific atoll offers up timely stories on the latest developments in the war for the Pacific. blogs are where it's at, man. stupid mainstream washington post hasn't got a clue.
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"Are there some notable blogs they overlooked"? HELL YES.
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Hey, they missed Psychologist's 'blog.
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By the way, Jeff Greenfield of CNN is doing a piece on blogs and how they're covering the war. I believe it'll air tomorrow (Tuesday.)
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Well, since my comment was deleted, I'll just have to explain it a bit better than. The question asked was what weblogs should be linked to, so I linked to iraqfilter (And screwed that up so it actually linked to warfilter). You see, lame joke, but still on topic.

Oh well, so far for the unclenching.
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