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Foreigners are plotting to revisit an ancient menace upon New York, and indeed the whole country! I would have thought this sort of terror was something that could have been left in the past.
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Being that it's going to be filmed in New Zealand, I wonder if Jackson will keep with the traditional ape in the big city plot, or if he will come up with something more Kiwiesque...
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According to the man himself...
The New York set for the last act of the movie would be shot in Wellington because filming in New York would be too expensive and too difficult to get the right 1930s look, Jackson said.

"We will build somewhere in the Wellington area. We'll just find some flat land and build a big back block set of New York streets and then use our computers to extend the buildings, make the streets longer and the buildings higher. It may just be a field somewhere on someone's farmland."
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This is the funniest MeFi post I have ever read. Beautifully worded. Thank you.
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