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Tired of WarBlogs? (NSFW) Most blogs are people whining about their life, computers or the war. Not sexblogs. I'm not involved with this site, but I noticed them when they linked to me.
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Whoa. Retro Raunch. Right on.
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We started this website with a simple question: Do adult websites always have to be so damn tacky?

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Cool. Found this here:

My all-time favorite dancer/persistent asshole story:
Now, while I don't blame a guy for asking once, and I have nothing against sexual commerce, this is what ought to happen to guys who can't take no for an answer.
One night Brandy and I were sitting with a guy at a table in Dancers, a strip joint in Atlanta. The guy kept getting table dances, but he also kept pestering the hell out of us to meet him in his hotel room when we got off work. Finally Brandy, a notorious scammer, said, "Okay, give me a hundred dollars and your hotel room key, and I'll let myself in at 2:30." The guy gave her the money and the key and left. I asked Brandy if she was actually going to the guy's hotel room, and she just laughed. Later she came up to me in the dressing room and said, "I was just sitting with a guy, and he was bugging me to meet him after work. I said, 'Give me a hundred dollars and I'll give you my hotel room key. He did, and I said, 'Great, just let yourself in at 2:30.' "

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I shouldn't be surprised at Sexblogs. It's an aspect of the internet, and like all other aspects, it shall be pornified. I'm sure, like the rest of this intarweb, some I'll enjoy, and the rest are most assuredly tacky.
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More people than not enjoy some level of porn and I'd bet on it, so why not talk about too? Anonymusly of course ;)
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...but I noticed them when they linked to me

I'll bet you did. I'll bet you did. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
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There are a zillion blogs (or blogish things; I don' wanna get into definitions here) about / around sex. I like Pursed Lips (which is defnitely a blog) and Jane Duvall (more of a journal) and Daze Reader (definitely a blog), and although I always forget to go there Pornblography (from deep in the heart of the porn biz; very educational!).

Is liking porn still something that we're supposed to be embarassed by? I always lose track...
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aschenkarnos: That was a bud light ad or something. I saw it last week.
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Is this sex blog thing something you need to own porn to appreciate? Because I do not own any porn.
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rather, it owns me.
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