April's Fools day, and the origins thereof.
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Anybody know the origin of April Fool's day? We already have a post about the greatest hoaxes of all time, but doesn't anybody know WHY we hoax and trick? I won't tell you why here....but I find it funny, what with the current jingoism and all, that it comes from France...after you digest that first link, read more at urbanlegends.com.
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Look it up!
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not origins, but interesting. not worthy of FPP, so i thought i'd dump it here:

Nat'l Geo : April Fool's Special: History's Hoaxes.
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This year's NatlGeo AprilFool's joke: "We didn't really mean to fire you, Arnett, get back to work..."
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... And that's the story of April Fool's Day.
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"The news media even gets involved. For instance, a British short film once shown on April Fool's Day was a fairly detailed documentary about "spaghetti farmers" and how they harvest their crop from the spaghetti trees. "

aha! so I wasn't insane! I did see famers grow spagetti on trees! I begged mum for fresh picked tree-spagetti for years.
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Also the Lirpa Loof on Blue Peter. Rare Himalayan beastie with purple poo, or something.

Don't have nightmares.
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Blood! For! Baal!
Blood! For! Baal!


Now! Who's! Laughing?!
Now! Who's! Laughing?!
Now! Who's! Laughing?!

(Ask a Simpsons fan...)
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From now on, the day will be known as "Freedom Day", although nothing will change. After all, the French did come up with it...
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