911 investigation
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The United States Goverment 911 Investigation finally opens just in time to be buried in the fog of major media coverage of War with Iraq. The commision is officially called "The National Commision on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. Another investigation has been underway on the Internet for some time now called The People's Investigation of 9/11:
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When the congressional panel finished their preliminary investigation, Senators Graham and Shelby complained that the White House was refusing to declassify information pointing to state sponsorship of 9/11. They also said there was classified information about current Saudi Arabian financial links to U.S.-based terrorists. I think whether or not this commision can get access to this information will be a good test of whether or not they can do the job (I'm not holding my breath.)

I hope they also look into the allegations that the FBI was prevented from investigating the bin Laden family before 9/11. As far as I know, no one pursued that beyond Palast's first story.
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