The Proceedings of the Old Bailey
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The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674 to 1834 A fantastic, fully searchable database of criminal cases from another era, e.g., speaking scandalous and reflecting Words on His Majesty, assault with sodomitical intent and the appalling Mortal Wound with a Pitchfork on the hinder part of the Head. The Old Bailey's published record was a popular read at the time. Also included is a typology of crimes, a history of London policing before the bobbies, essays about gender and punishment and lots more historical background. [via the always marvelous Researchbuzz]
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I'm going out on a limb here, but I think this is probably the best link I've ever seen on MetaFilter. I've only been searching and reading for 30 minutes and already I've found endless amusement and instruction. This will take months to fully explore. Fun, fun, fun! Many thanks, mediareport.

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It's certainly one of the best, Miguel. Thanks mediareport, this is brilliant!
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Indeed, this is a terrific link. I had a great deal of fun searching through the various cases and looking for people with my family name who committed crimes. Thanks, mediareport!
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Amazingly detailed, astonishingly vivid, and all but heartbreaking in so very many ways.

Thanks again & again.
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And for those of you thinking of a career change, get some ideas from the list of occupations / status labels. "make pegs for the heels for shoemakers" anyone?
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That is really a first class web site. A fascinating look into another time and place. Thanks.
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Excellent stuff, thanks!
After the execution there were sometimes struggles for possession of the corpse between assistants to the surgeons, who wanted it for teaching anatomy, and friends of the convict, who wanted to give it a proper burial. Concern at the disorder which occurred at such scenes led to the transfer of executions in 1783 to outside Newgate Prison.
Man, they just don't make executions the way they used to.
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The site goes well with Sam Pepys' blog. All sorts of olde historie being brought back to life!
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Wow. This is what the web is for. Thanks.
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