The trouble with dogs
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So there's this elk carcass on my front yard and two dogs inside who refuse to come out. One is snoring. And I have guests arriving soon.... No, it's not a joke. It's far funnier than that! [Via Linkfilter]
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What would anyone be doing with Elk ribcages in the first place? You Americans are weird beyond words.
posted by dg at 6:47 PM on April 3, 2003

I was wondering that myself. I think they were up in the mountains somewhere and the dogs came upon the elk carcass in the woods and wouldn't come out, so the dogs' owner ended up taking the whole carcass (with the dogs inside it) back home.

Wonderful story.
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Don't miss the vegan rendition (with pics!), Dogs in Elk in Vegetables, a Halloween tribute.
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Ah, "Dogs in Elk". An Internet oldie but goodie.

Don't forget to get the official Dogs in Elk T-shirt on your way out of the show!
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Wonderful story.

I think story is the operative word here. Too much of it is too hard to, uh, swallow.

Went over to to search for references to elk ribcages and found nothing.

But, for your enjoyment, there are some good dog stories about the doberman and the burglar fingers, the adorable sewer rat, and finally the hilarious tale about the badly behaved dog.
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I saw this story here in early 2000. This version has some extra follow-up comments to the story that Carlos's link lacks.
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In America, dogs crawl inside elk carcass on front porch. In Russia, elk carcass IS front porch!
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Hey, guess what! Kim Rollins and Wil Shipley broke up! Who saw that coming?
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Thanks for the laughs this Friday morning. Great story, true or not.
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It's all way too primal in my yard right now.
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Sidhedevil - it is of National Security Level importance that I understand more about the Rollins-Shipley meme. The fate of the free world, and perhaps my gonads are riding on it. Can you give me some background on that whole thing?
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The Validity of the Dogs in Elk Story - a little background.
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