Nufonia must fall
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Nufonia Must Fall is a possibly unique silent film, shot in paperback with a soundtrack for piano and turntable instruments. For any web-enabled numerologists reading, it also has an interesting URL. Check out the flash intro ...
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Cheers, Walrus. In my not so humble, Ninja Tune in general rocks ... (or hops, or something). And, they're not averse to letting music sites put up a bunch of mp3s of their artists; see here; pologies for the Google link but it's the quickest way :)
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some more stuff about kid koala and the novel here
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That number occurs in two other places in the Bible but nobody seems to attach any significance to those occurrences.
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One of my most cherished clothing possessions is a Ninja Tune sweatshirt, embroidered with their ninja mascot rendered as a superdeformed Gundam. They seem to have retired that logo, and it's a shame, because it's badass.

My favorite Ninja Tune track is Coldcut's "More Beats and Pieces," specifically the DJ Lord Fader remix, because at one point he drops in Coldcut's remix of "Paid in Full" from back in the day and it's all, like, full circle. (I checked various sites and reviews, but could not find a relevant sample of the track.)
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Ooh this is so good. I'm ordering it for a birthday present for my soon to be 13 year old son - I can't wait to get it so I can read it! 23 dollars for a book and a cd...not too shabby. The drawings are sweet.
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Kid Koala is awesome. He included a small comic book (which referenced 'Nufonia') in his first album.
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The music is great, kind of Tom Waits -esque (or should that be Weill -esque?).

Sounds like a wonderful story too, but for my money if you want the best robot stories in the world then head over to Robot Frank's page. I like Robot Ron best. He's stupid.
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MONTREAL -- Campus Newspaper Reviews Nufonia
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That's not just any campus newspaper! (But it's a lousy review, imho.)

I have yet to read Nufonia, but I've listened to the short record several times: it's a long way from Kid Koala's scratch-collage masterpieces, but as I wrote in my blog, it's lovely, wurlitzer-fuelled music for falling asleep to
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I just gotta stop buying things I see on Mefi! Anyway, if you've got the money to waste this isn't a half bad way of wasting it. The book, while 300 pages +, only takes 15 or 20 minutes to, er, read. The CD is just about as long.

But here's the thing: It's touching. The crude little pictures and minimalist soundtrack actually convey a truly meaningful story. I laughed out loud and then I said "Awww." I'm not normally a person who appreciates anything cute (unless it's my cat,) but Nufonia is so cute, simple and somehow sad That I found it completely compelling, unable to put the book down until I was finished with it. This is going to occupy my coffee table for awhile.
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