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Naikan: A Practice of Gratitude, Self-Reflection, and Attention. The "concept" of self-reflection is one which is endorsed by nearly everyone - religious leaders, therapists, politicians, scientists, etc... Most people would say that self- reflection is a "good idea" just as most people support the good ideas of "love", "peace", "justice" and "healthy living." How do you actually reflect on yourself? What is the method for examining one's life? (from
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A worldview that is not limited to the things immediately around me.

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Occasional witty banter and links to things that make me smile.

What troubles and difficulties have I caused MetaFilter?

Too much witty banter and bad poetry. But I've cut back. Really I have.
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What have I received from ColdChef?

This nice link about Naikan. Thanks ColdChef.

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A fart joke.

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None, I hope.
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I fear that people would take this as license to think about themselves even more than they already do.
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i try to have cunning visions :D and attitudinal beliefs!
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As an aside, Carlos Castaneda wrote of the fixation of self reflection, to which we are all addicted, as being a debilitating and empty occupation, compared to the perception of the world at large. He has a point. The endless repetition of the world of the self pales before setting yourself aside to commit your attention to something else, something outside of yourself.
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the fixation of self reflection was also explored in UtEotW :D it's movie nite!
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Even if you think you know the answer, it is not the same as discovering the answer. Nice link.
posted by Mack Twain at 11:38 PM on April 4, 2003

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Thanks ColdChef.
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