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dcmetroblogmap: "the incredibly spiffy map where you can find bloggers in the D.C. metro area, arranged by metro station."
posted by kirkaracha (7 comments total)
Likewise, for Londonbloggers. Not quite as spiffy I have to admit.
posted by cbrody at 6:47 PM on April 4, 2003

Also NYCBLoggers.
posted by Vidiot at 7:19 PM on April 4, 2003

I can report that a Chicago analogue is in the works, but isn't live yet.
posted by dhartung at 8:43 PM on April 4, 2003

I know far too many of these people... Sorry for skipping Atomic tonight--was tending to a sick friend.
posted by NortonDC at 9:34 PM on April 4, 2003

Man, blogging is clearly a white, middle-to-upper class phenomenon, ain't it? Not that I'm surprised. But not much around any of the universities, either. Heavy on the upscale ofayness, though. Or maybe that should be o-fey-ness, considering Dupont Circle is the heaviest blog zone. Interesting.
posted by umberto at 11:47 PM on April 4, 2003

Well, it's definitely not au-fait-ness.
posted by meep at 3:26 AM on April 5, 2003

more like au-lait-ness.

(Dupont Circle has the highest density of Starbucks I've ever seen, and since I live in Manhattan that is saying something.)
posted by n9 at 5:13 AM on April 5, 2003

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