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Film Mogul is an online RPG that's "a simulation of what it is like to be a power player in the movie industry today." Take on the role of studio head, agent, producer, critic, or journalist and make virtual movies every bit as crappy as the ones that the real Hollywood churns out!
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Serves me right. I wanted to be a critic, I duly filled in the forms, gave out my e-mail address, even paypalled them the 19.95 dollars to guarantee I'd review the Top Ten Movie...and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. Without the bleedin' T-shirt, even! Just you wait Henry Higgins MrBaliHai, for my reviews. I shall make it my business to discover the name of your production company, hunt you down and trash each one of your films.

The FAQ for critics doesn't work for me and I made up the part about sending them money.
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related to this game is Movie Boss. It isn't so much of a Hollywood-centric game, you just run the theaters and theater chains (booking certain movies and whatnot).
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And on an even more abstract level, there's always the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
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Or, of course, Fantasy Film League.
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Revealed: H'wood Exex Nixed, Geek Game Nets Hot Bets
--- VARIETY (Los Angeles) A lengthy investigation by Variety staff has found that many recent development deals were actually cooked up in an online RPG by unknowing, unpaid participants, enabling studios to jettison thousands of dealmakers at a savings of at least billions. Some of these deals have run into production difficulties when it turned out the writers "hired" were merely virtual avatars, but others have proceeded apace.
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