Shock and 'Awww...' Continues
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Military Hamsters With Cpt. Carl and Sgt. Murphy spear-heading the advance, and with able support from Sgt. Scruffy and Sailor Seymour, the troops of secretary of defense Gemmy (Flash-enabled ruckus inside) meet with little resistance at toy-store cash registers.
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posted by iamck at 7:57 PM on April 6, 2003

And the best part? All made in China. I know - I received one of these noxious critters (stuck watching a hamster in a gi spin plastic 'chucks and vibrate to "Kung Fu Fighting") as a joke gift.
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But Information Minister Sahaf claims that the toys aren't doing as well as claimed
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You think that's sick? Check out the Torrington Gopher Museum. It's quite a unique display of deceased gophers.

People will do anything for a buck.
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Or, how about Hamsters in Politics?
The site is down, but fortunately, its sister site, is active. Somebody has WAY too much time on his hamsters.
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I. Must. Have. Cpt. Carl.

Hey, these things are hilarious. We already have the kung fu one-and also a boxing one that has Theme from Rocky. There's also one that lifts weights...

And the best part is they generally last longer than real hamsters.
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I'll only buy if they start making a George W. Chickenhawk doll.
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