Ethics, Integrity and Decorum
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"The Ethics Resource Center (ERC) is dedicated to building community - a bond between individuals that grows from our shared values. We embrace Honesty, Respect, Trust and Excellence in our daily interactions and in our work. Our values enable us to foster ethical practices in individuals and institutions and contribute to our vision of an ethical world." (from their Values Statement) Not to be confused with The Center for Public Integrity. Before one debates either of these issues, it might be useful to consult Robert's Rules of Order, specifically in regards to Decorum in Debate. If that is too "old world" for you, you may wish to consult The United States House of Representative's Rules of Decorum and Debate .
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Egads, were these links so uninteresting to people that they couldn't inspire even one comment? Alas! Mea culpa! I will do better next time.
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