July 17, 2000
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From the boys who brought you Napster comes the supposed copyright-adhering, pay-to-trade file swapping service AppleSoup. Here's their press release.
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All hype. From what I've read they were kinda involved in Napster.
posted by owillis at 10:36 PM on July 17, 2000

So they're offering... Napster, but they make you pay for it? And they're doing this... because they have a basic faith in mankind's desire to pay for something they can get free?

Riiight. Sadly, I'm failing to come up with a bad pun on apple soup, naps, and businesses that never turn a profit.
posted by fable at 12:27 AM on July 18, 2000

For now, Napster content is free. If AppleSoup is positioned as something like "Napster with morals", the RIAA and artists could flock to it.
posted by hijinx at 4:26 AM on July 18, 2000

Hey, if you're offering mp3's and warez (all type of content) and you want people to pay for it. Chances are, they won't. Doesn't matter if it's .5 cents for a ileg copy of Photoshop, or a rip of Dr. Dre. I don't know what else they can offer besides this content. What are they hoping to do?
posted by tiaka at 5:28 AM on July 18, 2000

Everything else aside...isn't that the dumbest name you've ever heard for a company? Napster sounds kinda cool, Gnutella makes absolutely no sense but works for some reason, hell, even iMesh has that pseudo-futuristic/computer thing going for it. But...AppleSoup? C'Mon!! It sounds like a second-rate childrens book.
posted by NickBarat at 7:50 AM on July 18, 2000

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