After wars end, then what?
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How to police Iraq, and where to sign up. The US Army Peacekeeping Institute site is full of useful information for understanding the nuts-and-bolts of putting together a successful military occupation. Even though this is exactly the kind of material that journalists, students, and policymakers ought to be reading these days, some of it may be about to disappear. The Peacekeeping Institute website is shutting down on May 1. Will the Google cache preserve its contents for us?
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The United States Institute of Peace is an advisory body established by Congress "to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts." It has made a number of recommendations on how to conduct the occuupation. Bush is attempting to stack it with hawks like Daniel Pipes, creator of the revolting Campus Watch.
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Interesting stuff, sheauga (and hairyeyeball), but my oxymoron and doublethink limit was badly breached soon after diving into the links. Perhaps the "Institute" names should have been a warning....
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Interesting that the US Army Peacekeeping Institute is being closed down at this particular point in history...
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Interesting post, but too bad the info is not more forthcoming. This link promises a dissertation on the mil's approach to cross-cultural analysis, (goody!), but all you get is a sideshow of its table of contents. Was this recently removed? Does anyone have the material?
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"Today's Washington Post carries an interesting article on the practical problems American soldiers and Marines are facing in Iraq as they begin to enforce law and order. " - Intel Dump
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