The Colorful Past of US Tax
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The Colorful Past of US Tax Finished your return? Then spend a few minutes contemplating historical revenue stamps for a wide variety of consumer goods (my favorite stamp scans are for beer, matches, medicine bottles, and motor vehicles). A separate page offers the history of the subset of proprietary die or "match and medicine" stamps, and provides scans of stamps for canned fruit, playing cards, and perfume. Finish up with a look at "taxpaids" like cotton, oleomargarine, and ale.
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Please be kind...first post.
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Other, slightly more unusual tax stamps. (And, yes, you can be charged with tax evasion if your products don't carry the proper stamp.)
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Great post, clever sheep. Cool visuals and neat history. Thanks.
posted by mediareport at 4:05 PM on April 15, 2003

I think they're more beautiful than even (the old) dollar notes.

Echoing mediareport: great post, clever sheep! Welcome to multi-linky heaven!
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Bravo, clever sheep - a wonderful first post indeed. These are really neat looking - I particularly like the medicine bottle one you pointed out - the wax seal adds a neat touch.

The text says stamps were sometimes used as a way to send small amounts of money - I've had that happen once or twice. I overpaid a bill once by a matter of nine cents and the company mailed me three 3 cent stamps.
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