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Hyperweb was, and is, an "an experimental hypertext site using HTML" — from 1996. The experiment itself, an interactive essay of sorts, starts here; you can click around, or watch it cycle through by itself.
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Reminds me of the ancient (first version of the?) Radiohead website (which I don't think is online anymore).
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Back around the time of Hyperweb, the English department at OSU offered a class in Hypertext. I didn't end up taking it, but the idea was that the entire class would collaborate on a single work, linking and developing a sort of mini-Web within the document. I guess there were a lot of odd little projects like this back then.
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Thanks, Matt. Very interesting it was - and even thrilling - though it did require a bit of concentration from know-nothing me.

On a tangent, I loved the soft surrealism of the images, like this one - but they're all good.
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Ah, back in the day. Apropos of early Web art, here is the Whitney's first Web art acquisition, The World's First Collaborative Sentence. I have a great fondness for the abandoned Museum of Web Art, through whose hallways you can still rampage like an Iraqi looter. One of my favorite things is art that consists of self-referential executable code, like Maciej Wisniewski's The Meaning of Life as Expressed in Seven Lines of Code.
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