Got a question for OJ?
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Got a question for OJ? Duhhhhhh. Hello. Hey OJ. Did you do it? Heh heh.
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Why do they have that sports score ticker? Here's the best part of the site:

That OJ was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 1968?

That OJ was the NFL's leading rusher in 1972?"

That OJ killed his wife?

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Why is it that every time I try to click on the link, I am referred to
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These Oj jokes are so old!
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Just one Question lingers on - How did he not keep the Pure White Carpeting in his house Blood-Stain Free! Not one drop of Blood including the "planted Blood" by the L.A.P.D. I mean "blood" had to Fly and he's back in his home in 5 Minutes!
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"Hey O.J....would you ever consider dating Lorena Bobbitt???"
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"Hey OJ, isn't it funny that in this country you are no longer innocent until proven guilty?"

The media tried and convicted him months before the trial was over. I mean, yeah, he did it. Of course he did it. It's the principle of the thing though. He didn't get a fair trial.
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Read "Outrage" by the former LA County DA... but make sure you also read "Reasonable Doubts" by Allen Dershowitz... which makes the provocative suggestion that the biggest mistake the prosecution made was moving downtown.

He suggests that they jury may well have thought Simpson did it... but engaged in jury nullification, returning a Not Guilty to punish the LAPD for lying in court. The reason, he suggests, that moving was a mistake was because this left Simpson with a mostly black jury -- who had no problem believing that cops would lie in court because that was part of their life experience... where a mostly white jury wouldn't believe that.

[C'mon Sudama; I'm ready for you. :-)]
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