GumBall Rally 3000
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The Gumball Rally 3000 is almost upon us. San Francisco to Miami in five days all in the spirit of the classic movie. With an entrance fee of $20k and A List celebs like Johnny Knoxville and Jason Priestly participating... Not to mention the Bikini Bandits it's sure to be a wonder to behold. Starts at the Fairmont today at 9. Be sure to say hi to the Hustler Honeys in their twin turbocharged Lamborghini....
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These cats stayed over in Nashville last year, and I passed (or, to be fair, was passed by) a few of them on their way out. A bit of a thrill, sure, but their driving was pretty reckless, even by Nashville standards. What is the standing of this event with local law enforcement agencies?
posted by mikrophon at 11:13 AM on April 17, 2003

That's cool. But is it as cool as this:
posted by Pretty_Generic at 11:13 AM on April 17, 2003

Cool, but the Gumball Rally movie was just a rip-off of the (equally bad) Cannonball Run movie that was at least based on a real life event in the early 70's. From the Red Ball garage in NYC to the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, CA; get there any way you can as fast as possible.

Race car driver Dan Gurney (with journalist Brock Yates, the organizer) won the first one ('70? '71?), crossing the US in about 33 hours in a blue (Sunoco-sponsored, no less) Ferrari Daytona.

But Hustler Honeys you say? Perhaps my scorn is premature...
posted by jalexei at 11:14 AM on April 17, 2003

And yes, the Cannonball Run was released after the Gumball Rally - I meant the first movie was based on the real life event "chronicled" in the second movie...or something. I'll be quiet now...
posted by jalexei at 11:17 AM on April 17, 2003

Answering my own question, from the FAQ:

You should obey the laws of the road, and if you choose not to, like at anytime on the road, you risk the penalty. We co-operate with the Police so they know we are coming and if you get caught speeding you might get a cop who is happy to take a few pictures and tell you to carry on. Or you might get a cop who will throw you in jail.
posted by mikrophon at 11:19 AM on April 17, 2003

And shouldn't Gumball the Cat be involved somehow?
Okay, I'll shut up.
posted by mikrophon at 11:23 AM on April 17, 2003

SpoFi thread on this.
posted by Ufez Jones at 11:28 AM on April 17, 2003

Gumball Participant: "Hey look everybody, I'm an asshole and I have a lot of money!"

The Crowd: *cheers*
posted by ikalliom at 11:41 AM on April 17, 2003

Jason Priestley and Johnny Knoxville are A-list celebs? I would think that Priestley would slow down after hitting the wall at 180 MPH.

Maybe they can give a ride to the guys running across the U.S.
posted by Frank Grimes at 11:57 AM on April 17, 2003

I was being sarcastic Grimesy, y'know hoomer.
posted by zeoslap at 12:03 PM on April 17, 2003

Those Bikini Bandits seem like swell gals.
posted by jonmc at 12:29 PM on April 17, 2003

The Jackass special where Knoxville and his buddies participated in the Gumball Rally across Europe was gold. Looked like a hell of a lot of fun.

Hell, Pontious even wrestled with Ruby Wax!
posted by sycophant at 2:29 PM on April 17, 2003

From Pretty_Generics link

DARPA will award one million U.S. dollars to the Team that completes the Route with the best corrected time at or under ten hours. Tax treatment of the Prize is the responsibility of the Winner.

Nice system the Govt gets back %50+ in taxes from the prize money.
posted by stbalbach at 2:59 PM on April 17, 2003

I saw these guys going down the Jersey Turnpike last year. It was cool seeing all those cool cars passing us. I didn't know what it was then. I have since seen the video, and you gotta admit seeing all those cars getting busted and stuff is cool.

My fav moment from the video was the M coupe who lost a rim in an accident, tried to steal on from a dealership, almost got caught. Then the dealer offered them one for free. Cool Stuff.
posted by stew560 at 3:03 PM on April 17, 2003

My favourite part of the DARPA Challenge rules:

"DARPA reserves the right to take any measures necessary to stop a Challenge Vehicle that does not respond to an E[mergency]-Stop. These measures may result in damage to the Challenge Vehicle."

In other words: "We reserve the right to shell vehicles that misbehave."
posted by djfiander at 3:44 PM on April 17, 2003

Ditto what Frank Grimes said about A-list celebs. Where's Julia's car? Britney's? Affleck's?

A-list celebrity is probably in the eye of the beholder - I don't even know who counts as A-list anymore.
posted by illusionaire at 7:41 PM on April 17, 2003

illusionaire, once again, as the next comment stated, it was saaaaarcasm, i was kidding, pulling your leg, havin a larf, sheeeesh kabobs!!!
posted by zeoslap at 9:35 PM on April 17, 2003

they are off to a great start. They being the CHP of course.
posted by th3ph17 at 7:55 AM on April 18, 2003

Aren't there enough assholes on the road without having to make a race out of it?
posted by quadog at 6:45 PM on April 18, 2003

Johnny Knoxville is "A List"?

When did that happen?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 12:21 PM on April 20, 2003

Opps, what Frank Grimes said...
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 12:24 PM on April 20, 2003

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