Shiseido Women
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Shiseido Women. 'In Japan, womens fashion, like makeup, continues to evolve, reflecting the moods and mores of the times. The following photographs of women provide tantalizing glimpses into some of the radical changes that have marked the past century. '
Related interest :- An American Visit to Japan, 1923.
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Yet another example of the lady-centric MetaFilter! Whatever happened to the BoyZone in here? (j/k)
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Thanks for the link, plep. You can see echoes of many of these trends in today's Japanese fashions. I didn't realize things were so deep set. Girls today still gather at this spot for modelling work, albeit dressed a bit differently.
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Wow, thanks, plep; you continue to post fantastic links. The Hanatsubaki covers are great.

[So, is it just me or has MeFi once again become amazing? I've seen a ton of truly rich sites here in the past few weeks.]
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It's not just you. Thanks, plep!
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The fun doesn't end there... The Grey Art Gallery has an impressive assortment of archives open for perusal.
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I love FRUiTS! Always good for a little fashion inspiration.
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Stunning exhibit plep - thanks!
My favorite gallery is this one which recalls much of the art found in y2karl's terrific ukiyo-e post and hama7's red-headed barbarians post.
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