The Original Now Albums
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Now Albums have only recently been introduced in the US, but for British children of the 1980s they were a cost effective way of getting decent recordings to replace the taped off the radio copies of popular chart tracks. I'm awash with nostalgia as I glance through TV Cream's survey of the first twenty; come on, surely you remember Men Without Hats and Fiction Factory?
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During some recent Googling, I was surprised to find out there were so many 'Now' albums out of the UK (54 is the most recent). I wonder if the older compilations have collectors' value.

I especially enjoyed going through the flops and one-hit wonders.
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Hey, we didn't need the "Now" series until 1998, 'cause we had K-TEL! Yeah, just try to find 25 Polka Hits on a "Now" album. Sheesh.
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I do so fondly remember Ivan and Men Without Hats. In fact, last year my knowledge of them won me a Christmas tree on a radio call-in show. It was one of those "play an bar or so of a relatively obscure song" type competitions.

Sad thing is... I can still sing the whole thing...
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Oh, and I almost forgot the true masters of 'keeping the music alive': Rhino Records. Who else would do a compilation album of Tom Lehrer? (sorry, no link, Rhino's database is down tonight)
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You can dance if you want to
You can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't know Men Without Hats, well, they're no friends of mine.

I actually still have a near-mint condition vinyl LP of their followup album, "Pop Goes The World" which my older brother won on a CBC video show, the name of which escapes me now. Worth keeping for the pun factor alone: Drums are credited to "J. Bonhomme" (with a picture of Bonhomme of Quebec Winter Carnival fame. Now that's what I call wordplay.)
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I wonder if the older compilations have collectors' value.

All regularly seen in charity shops for under a pound.
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