Prom, other activities jazz up life for Alzheimer's patients.
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Prom for the young at heart. A Milwaukee woman raises awareness about Alzheimers using a high school theme and some creativity.
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...An' here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice...

I am calling Dr Kevorkian for sure before I have to go through that freaking prom thing again.
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I don't know, Madame. I hated the prom as well, but this kind of thing gets me all choked up every time I see something like this. My mother had a number of strokes a few years back, and although she is pretty much recovered now (some short term memory difficulty), I remember her not knowing who was, who Dad was, or who any of my other 6 siblings were. She was constantly distressed and agitated, mostly because she was scared. Every once in a while she would be okay, thought, and it usually was when my sisters and I did her hair or nails, or we listened to old tapes and records. She felt okay then, and I firmly believe that these kinds of activities helped her back to where she is.
These people have progressed further into a more insidious disease (or set of disorders) than my mom had been, but I vividly remember her fear, and what bringing her back 30 or so years could do for her.
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Sorry for the spelling. Esh. Late.
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Alzheimer's resources at the Alzheimer's Association and ADEAR.
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