Pandora baby!
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Can open, worms everwhere.
posted by CrazyJub (12 comments total)
Oh, quelle surpris.

Does the US government have even two braincells to share between them all?
posted by five fresh fish at 9:20 PM on April 23, 2003

nobody like us. pity.
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 9:28 PM on April 23, 2003

Iraqi Shiites are organizing local committees, doling out funds to pay salaries, collecting looted property and sending militias to secure hospitals and electric plants.

Then what the hell are the hundreds of thousands of troops doing?! Oh yeah.
posted by Espoo2 at 9:39 PM on April 23, 2003

Since when were troops responsible for establishing a government? That's not their job.
posted by nyxxxx at 9:44 PM on April 23, 2003

Hundreds of thousands of troops are stealing because 4 GIs are straling?

Espoo2 you've taken logic to a whole new plateau; cheers.
posted by xmutex at 9:46 PM on April 23, 2003

It's interesting that the Post's inside source about this is "someone" in the state department.


Just quit already, man. Let Newt take your job and join the rest of the rational world out here. Plus, being unemployed kicks ass for a while.
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 9:50 PM on April 23, 2003

Espoo2 you've taken logic to a whole new plateau; cheers

Xmutex you've taken not understanding hyperbole to a whole new plateau; cheers.
posted by Espoo2 at 10:37 PM on April 23, 2003

But what if Xmutex was being hyperbolic as well?
posted by smackfu at 6:41 AM on April 24, 2003

A lot of us asked this very question before hostilities began. It would have been nice to have an answer, hmm?

Consider this: if the Iraqis elect a radical Islamic government, or decide for themselves to build a theocratic government a lá Iran, do we (as 'interim administrators') allow it?

If we do, given that Islamic theocrats are generally hostile to the US, how was it in our interests to invade in the first place?

If we don't, how are we different than any other conqueror?

Such a conundrum.
posted by Cerebus at 7:23 AM on April 24, 2003

If the Iraqi people are dumb enough to put themselves into that position again, then I suppose the US military will have a place to perform their live military practice again next year.
posted by eas98 at 8:24 AM on April 24, 2003

Ah, yes. We know better what's good for them.

Are you aware how close that is to a White Man's Burden argument?

I'm just askin'.
posted by Cerebus at 8:57 AM on April 24, 2003

Axis falls, Vichy government poised to take over France.


Wait and see.

So far, the naysayers got the entire war wrong (from billions of dead babies to the "lawless looters" who turned out to be a combination of inside jobs and "embedded reporters" etc) lets see if they're wrong about the peace too.
posted by swerdloff at 8:56 PM on April 24, 2003

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