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Style Wars the 1983 graffiti, breakdancing and hip hop culture proto-documentary 20 years later comes out from obscure, grainy, 5th hand bootlegs and into the 21st Century. This funky white boy is excited. (Be sure you check out some of the other links from the NPR site!)
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Ha! From my ears to MetaFilter--I was listening to Morning edition at 5:30 am here in Seattle, thinking I had to get up and check the garage sale ads. My first thought, when heard the segment, was When's this one getting posted? Well, it deserves it.

Jeez, the good old days--wish I still had all my Sugarhill and Enjoy twelve inchers. Think I have a couple of those left--I know I got Panther Mix, a 1980 bootleg break mix twelver somewhere... Man, they made those things by hand in those days--none of this sampling digital stuff.
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Cool - this will be fun to explore. Here is a fun toy - Graffiti Creator.
(Lots of great posts today - there go my deadlines!)
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You can do-it-do-it-do-it-do-it-do-it
It's the wild style. Hit me!

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This funky white boy is also excited!
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For anyone who's seen that movie...bad news. Nothing ever really happened to CAP, no beatdown at all. He apparently was into some very disturbing things that I don't feel like getting into and nobody really ever wanted to mess with him. For people who used to die over Cope2, CAP and him used to roll together. Cope2 has gone over mad people, a lot people don't like him either. Anyways, just a little whatever happened to...

BTW if you combine Stylewars and Wildstyle, and a bad episode of Days of Our Lives you get BeatStreet. Late. My linking doesn't work for some reason.
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I love it when NPR busts out with mad hip-hop flava. :-)
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More on WildStyle and Style Wars
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Don't forget about this movie either: Freshest kids: History of the B-boy
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From my ears to MetaFilter--I was listening to Morning edition at 5:30 am here in Seattle

I was listening this morning getting ready for work at the same time, except I thought, "I can't wait to post this!"

My favorite line from Style Wars has got to be Africa Bambaataa's reaction upon hearing Kraftwerk for the first time, "Who ARE these funky white boys?"
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