Canterbury Tales with hyperlink glossary
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It's Aprill, with his shoures soote, so here's The Canterbury Tales, complete with hypertext glossary. Sorry about the frames.
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This is good, thanks!
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The Huntington Library, one of my favorite places, owns the world's most famous Chaucer MS--the Ellesmere Chaucer. Here's the Wife of Bath. Harvard hosts a huge Geoffrey Chaucer page, including contributions from scholars like Derek Pearsall. Also check out Blake's Canterbury Pilgrims.
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Fantabulous link, thanks!
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Thanks, Slithy_Tove - this is a great site. It reminds me of the one that was posted on The Wasteland awhile back - annoying frames and all! I appreciate the annotations, and it is a great reference site - hopefully both these resources will eventually be rehabilitated with more usable and attractive interfaces!
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Chaucer takes so long to read, it's best to have a copy in your hands -- for me anyway. The accepted authority is The Riverside Chaucer, which is a beautiful book, if you happen to have $73 to spend on middle english.
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Canterbury Tales are some of my very favorite stories...Chaucer was a baudy ol' boy. These are great links, both the fpp links and all the commented links. Thanks!
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