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The Chairman Of The Bad: "Brassiere! I dig a broad with no brassiere!"... Full of unreleased concert material and wonderful anecdotes, This American Life's programme about Frank Sinatra is still the most entertaining I've ever heard about The Voice, bringing out his worst as well as his very best. It almost makes you feel like catching the next corny My Way [Though it has a goodish list of his most lasting songs] or Rat Pack show. Bone up on the wonderful slang or take the Sinatra quiz. And, if you're still a bit of a stranger to Sinatra, perhaps the Frank-ylizer will lead you to a record appropriate to your tastes and lifestyle. No, there can't be many better ways to fight the Monday blues! ["Chairman of The Bad" is a 1994 Bono quote; Sinatra's "brassiere" adlib is sung to the tune of Ary Barroso's famous Aquarela do Brasil/Brazil. Real Audio req.]
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Btw, does anyone remember a delightful Sinatra instant translator from about two years ago, which converted any text to Sinatraspeak? I couldn't find it anywhere.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 11:52 PM on April 27, 2003

I think the Frank translator used to be here, but now it seems to be gone.

I get a kick out of Frank, too -- at least, when he was on his game (think early Reprise.) Comparing those golden recordings to some of his worse ones is like night and day; those were very good years. it either seemed to be all or nothing at all. Ah well...that's life.

P.S.: Don't forget his movies. ...but they left Cannonball Run II off his IMDb filmography!
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THANK YOU, Miguel...I'm going to wait until after work today to explore the links you provided, so that I can enjoy them without having to worry about getting wrapped up and being late for work...but wow - this is going to be great.

Remember: It's Frankie's world - we just live in it.

Greatest. Entertainer. Ever.
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I always regarded him as a tuneful thug.
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Okay. Checking in.

My favorite Frank: Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim
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Grabbingsand: According to the Sinatra family site (scroll down to "New Releases", at the very bottom) there is to be an expanded version of the collaboration with Jobim. My guess is that the best of the disappointing and off-colour Sinatra and Company (for instance, a wonderful version of Jobim's "Wave") will be added.
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"Brazil" is perhaps the greatest song in the whole wide world, ever. (Though I've got to admit that at this moment, Charles Wright's "Express Yourself," the Postal Service's "Clark Gable" and Tom Ze's "Vai" are giving it a run for its money.)
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I love this.

Thanks, Miguel. How's your bird?
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Grabbingsand: I'm with you. I love that album, but have always been disappointed that it clocks in at something like a mere 28 minutes, and have long wondered why they don't repackage it with the Sinatra & Co. side. There are also two other tracks that have never been released outside of Brazil.

So thanks, MiguelCardoso, for that welcome bit of news.
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What the hell do you mean, thanks Miguel?

It looks much more like thanks Man-Thing from here! :)

Your superb link, apart from a listing of the Sinatra/Jobim sessions, includes full versions of "SabiĆ”" and "Bonita" - the two tracks you mention [Real Audio req..]

I just love the tired, jaded seen-it-all way Sinatra sings "Bonita"!
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I'm with you grabbingsand. It's a most Franktastick album and my favorite as well.
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