The Timeless Theatre
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The Timeless Theater. Extensive guide to the cultures of India - architecture, arts, religion etc.
Related interest :- Indian Temples.
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Of sciences, I am the science of the self

Lord Krishna, in Who is God?, first link.

This is a superb resource from those who, in terms of the vastness of Indian cultures, are more or less condemned to start from scratch every time. Like me, in a big way.

Cheers, plep! :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 12:58 AM on April 28, 2003

Great links, plep, and the first one is especially a wealth of information!

Cheers, plep! :)

Me too!
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Great link plep
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India, The Living Arts [music warning.]

By an amazing coincidence, I believe I found this on a blog called "plep."
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It's interesting to compare Krishna's words to The Song of Amairgen:

I am the wind that blows across the sea; I am the wave of the ocean;
I am the murmur of the billows; I am the bull of the seven combats;
I am the vulture on the rock; I am a ray of the sun; I am the fairest of flowers;
I am a wild boar in valor; I am a salmon in the pool; I am a lake on the plain;
I am the skill of the craftsman; I am a word of science;
I am the spearpoint that gives battle;
I am the God who creates in the head of man the fire of thought.
Who is it that enlightens the assembly upon the mountain, if not I?
Who tells the ages of the moon, if not I?
Who shows the place where the sun goes to rest, if not I?
Who is the God that fashions enchantments--
The enchantment of battle and the wind of change?

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