The Southern Danger
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The Government is acting quickly. Quickly, to stem the deluge of Mexican terrorists.
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"Its ultimate goal is to allow the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to track - through a registration system - the arrival and departure of every foreign visitor. Once implemented, the system will allow the government to keep out foreign nationals it considers a risk for terrorism and to track how long all visitors stay."

Sounds like a reasonable use of the INS to me. Isn't that what they're supposed to be doing?
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Wow. Complete madness. Just like the time I went to France...and had to show my passport.

The INS would be well advised to keep their ducks in a row, considering the fire they were under after 9/11. Doing their proper job can't hurt, and of all the things that are going to turn the US into a police state, that's the least of them.
posted by padraigin at 12:26 PM on April 29, 2003

I think the problem here is that they're claiming that they're preventing terrorism, when what they're really doing is keeping out illegal aliens.

Why not call a spade a spade? Its not like they're necessarily reaching beyond their mission.
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Well, nowadays if you want any support for your programs, it seems like you have to somehow relate it to the prevention of terrorism.

The sooner our public schools can figure out a way to do this, the better off they'll be.
posted by padraigin at 12:49 PM on April 29, 2003

I had to do the same thing when I went to the Netherlands to study. Within 2 weeks of arriving I had to head over to the local police station to the "Aliens" division and show all my papers/visas/etc.
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And why isn't Saudi Arabia listed along with Syria, Iran, and Iraq?
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Oh no. Who will mow my lawn and cook my cheeseburgers?
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Why isn't Mexico? Peru? Colombia? Canada?

I don't trust any of those damn foreigners, they're all up to something!
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And why isn't Saudi Arabia listed along with Syria, Iran, and Iraq?

Because they're our friends, silly.
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Well the "aliens" will pose literally no danger if we implement a nice weapons registration system, expecially
for handguns, rifles and other weapons of mass destruction.

For instance we could have a law that connects each and any weapon to its legitimate owner by dna fingerprinting (you can't fake dna, neither illegal alien can). If you're found possessing a weapon that is not registered, you'll be considered a terrorist, regardless of your nationality, ancestors, color of skin or else. You'll be detained until the government figures if you're a terrorist : if so, jail. If not, jail because you own an unregistered gun.

You'll also be held responsible for any shooting done by the registered gun, unless it's proved somebody else shooted. In meanwhile you'll be detained, because of course you may be a terrorist.

Guess the proactive "you're terrorist until otherwise proven" guys will have to face this kind of law soon.
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Gun control? Why, that's silly talk!

Obviously the terrorists have gotten to you.

Anyway, our terrorists have been using bombs and airplanes, and already have to register airplanes, and the bombs are made out of things found in any garage or potting shed, so sadly, there's not much to be done there.
posted by padraigin at 5:29 PM on April 29, 2003

padraigin: please explain your ideas, instead of just stating I'm silly talking, not even kids do that anymore.
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"One day they're going to ask: 'Why are you crossing? What's your intent here?' " said Roberto Felix of Nogales, Sonora, who crosses into the United States to buy his groceries."

Ahem... I assumed we already do that. And really now, what is the problem with registering people who go across countries?
posted by Keyser Soze at 9:43 PM on April 29, 2003

oh, I shouldnt make it sound like im an American citizen or else my opinion wont matter nearly as much.
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Didn't the INS get dissolved in the new homeland security stock-up? Maybe dissolved isn't the right word, but re-structured and re-named?

Cities such as Nogales, Ariz., and Douglas are major points of entry, with a combined 75,000 people crossing daily from Mexico into the United States. Many of those people cross to shop in border towns, as well as Tucson and Phoenix.

But how many are hired to come in to work and then scamper home vs. going to shop at the Tucson Wal-Mart?
posted by Ufez Jones at 10:15 PM on April 29, 2003

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