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Girls! Girls! Girls! Girlamatic features webcomics created by women, (mostly) for women. Today's featured comic is Kris Dresen, a Xeric grant award winner and an Eisner-nominated comic artist. Some of the Girlamatic site is subscription, but the free section changes every day. (mostly safe for work)
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since someone's going to suggest it anyway...

nowhere girl
posted by lotsofno at 3:45 PM on April 29, 2003

Vera Brosgol's "Return to Sender" does it for me--equal parts funny, charming and psychotic. (She also does a comic on Girlamatic, with Shaenon Garrity, called L'il Mell.)
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Looks interesting, wish they had more teasers online. Carla Speed McNeill (Finder) is pretty cool.
Scary: I look a fair bit like Lucas. Minus the smoke.

lotsofno, I like the art on Nowhere Girl; Thanks--I'll give it a read.
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It looks great, and I'm bound to pop in from time to time checking it as, without paying for it, of course. But am I the only feminist on MiFi who's just intellectually OVER the whole "made for/by womyn/grls/ladies" distinction? Why does it matter anymore? Isn't the goal of equality supposed to be "Damn! That's a great comic!" from everybody who gives a shit?
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I joined Modern Tales almost as soon as it was launched for the sake of Shaenon Garrity's wonderful Narbonic. But Girlamatic is actually the third site that MT has spun off (after Serializer and AdventureStrips; to get all three Garrity strips, one has to be a paying member of three different sites (though there's admittedly a discount).

I appreciate what they're trying to do, but I think the business model is in need of a tweak. Maybe an a la carte option that spans the sites would help; there are a lot of strips on every one that I'm not really interested in.
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