Illuminated Manuscripts
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Illuminated manuscripts are truly a joy to behold. And there are a remarkable number of them available on the web for your viewing pleasure. The most famous illuminated MS is the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. For galleries with multiple images, try the resources at DScriptorium, Web Gallery of Art, and the Leaves of Gold exhibition. Elyse Boucher's page is a work-in-progress detailing the history and methods of illuminating books, with both images and secondary sources; see also Sue Wood's Art and Books page.
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Bliss, tjw, as usual - but, of course, bliss must be unusual as yours usually is.

Btw, the Portuguese National Library has superb holdings, including the amazing Jewish Cervera Bible.
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Oddly enough my dad did illuminated manuscripts, mostly for ceremonial purposes. He has (or had) one in Buckingham Palace as well as many other places. I'm not sure that we personally have any more, my folks had a house fire a few years ago and a lot of artwork was lost.
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Beautiful links! I think I'll make a post about the Saint John's Illuminated Bible tomorrow; it's a very interesting project.
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This is beautiful. Thank you.
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Wow, has he passed any knowledge of the craft on to you, substrate?
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Wonderful links and resources, thomas j. wise. Many, many thanks.
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What a stunning collection of links! Thank you so much thomas, these are real treasures.
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+:*~ O! ~*:+
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mblandi, unfortunately I got all the engineering genes in my family. I can draw a little bit but I just don't see things the same way my dad or sister does. I've talked to them a few times about what they see and it's just amazing, there's so much detail that I just don't recognize. That and they both have amazing hand-eye coordination. I'm trying to improve my drawing skills though, I've found Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain excellent for that. I finally have my first drawing hung up at my parents place.
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[this is great]

And I hope/believe you will enjoy the Aberdeen Bestiary.
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