That Mexican shit is so choice
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ChoicePoint buys data on 65 million Mexicans. You might remember ChoicePoint as the company that provided the data to purge black "felons" from voting in Florida 2000. Welp, good news! We get another free lap around the track and all of our Latin American friends will be there to greet us in common victory. What a coup!
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thanks for the post crasspastor. i had this one in mind after hearing this Choicepoint BS on "the world" while running a couple days ago. a regime change is needed in more places than just washington dc. indeed.
posted by specialk420 at 7:05 PM on April 30, 2003

I've read Greg Palast's book, and it's a great read I'd recommend to anyone (Read chapter one - Jim Crow in Cyberspace for the Choicepoint related stuff.)

I don't however, see what's so bad about ChoicePoint buying this data, in and of itself. I mean, look at these guys over here in the UK.

It's what plans the US Government have for the information, I feel, that warrants more concern (though I stand to be corrected.)
posted by Blue Stone at 7:52 PM on April 30, 2003

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