There may be many more but they haven't been dis-coh-vahd
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There may be many more but they haven't been dis-coh-vahd As of 1959, the news of 102 elements had come to Harvard (a modern remake would have to cram in 13 more.) There's more than one way to look at them, like spiral, rotating, illustrated, sub-atomic, symmetric, or forward-looking. Been there? Done That? Get the t-shirt.
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And, yeah, I know the Lehrer flash has been here before, but I couldn't resist including it.
posted by Zed_Lopez at 12:27 AM on May 1, 2003

I'd missed the .swf first time around -- glad you provided it, Zed. I needed a smile on the morning of two back-to-back final exams.
posted by alumshubby at 4:18 AM on May 1, 2003

Good luck, alumshubby.
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Yes, thanks especially for the Flash - I'd never seen it and I've liked Lehrer since I was a little kid :)
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Great links, all the way around. The WebElements table is great...and I've already learned something new. I was a biochem major in college, but I never really looked at the elements above 110. I always thought they had funny symbols, but now I get the naming convention. They're all named after...themselves, in decimal. My new MeFi element name: Uhnbu.
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they are misleading you, it is a conspiracy! here is the truth! One question: why is not Ng at the top?

via DoubleEdd
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Heh, I was just thinking about these alternate tables last night, while watching another lame episode of Enterprise. They made a passing reference to elements beyond our +118.
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Cool post! And periodic tables made yesterday's news - ok, it's only Annanova, but still!

You found some fun web manifestations, Zed_lopez - I also like the wooden periodic table table, the periodic table of comic books....perhaps they have been posted before, but they belong here too!
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The Periodic Table of Man Elements.
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