"I am Curry. A slim and handsome race car driver.
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"I am Curry. A slim and handsome race car driver. Bold, handsome, confident, and good-looking are the words that immediately come to my mind when I try to describe my personality. On second thought, other words that come up are gorgeous, sexy, and brave."
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That fantastic haircut looks suspiciously like a mullet (http://www.mulletsgalore.com). Truly, truly frightening.

posted by jcarroll at 10:19 AM on July 21, 2000

He had a second thought?
posted by chicobangs at 10:46 AM on July 21, 2000

wow, and God-rockers Petra took the pictures!
posted by sonofsamiam at 10:49 AM on July 21, 2000

That cookie-duster moustache is just so ... bold, handsome and confident!

That dashing look and spunky attitude sure reminds me of someone...

posted by chicobangs at 11:03 AM on July 21, 2000

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Oh, God, thanks, man. I needed to laugh. Oh, shit. I think I'm going to wet my pants. That's fucking great...I love his multihued leather jumpsuit and his neato mustache most of all.
posted by Ezrael at 3:01 PM on July 22, 2000

Oh my! He is so sexxxy! Reminds me of Keith Richards in that one pic! My kinda man! ;-)
posted by FAB4GIRL at 8:01 PM on July 22, 2000

This site just entertains on so many levels. I can't believe he feels he has to define what a car motor is (an engine!) and that he is planning on "writing a dictionary"! I can barely type this, I'm laughing so much. Absolutely mind boggling. The best Metafilter link in months.

I would love to actually meet this guy. I want to see how he makes fingernail dirt "work" with a tuxedo, the "RIGHT" way (as opposed to the "WRONG" way). And I need to thank him in person for this wonderful advice -

"If someone is taking a picture of you, always look right into the lens. Don't blink!"

Deep stuff. Damn, I love this site.

posted by the webmistress at 10:01 PM on July 22, 2000

Except that, in the bottom left photo, he's not looking right into the lens; he's looking up into space like the visionary he is! Hypocrite!!
posted by aaron at 10:15 AM on July 23, 2000

A hypocrite, yes. But a slim and handsome hypocrite!

Besides, as Curry so succinctly puts it - "I've got an attractive body and haircut".

What else could you possibly want in life?
posted by the webmistress at 8:10 PM on July 23, 2000

NTK pointed out that Fallon McEllicott is listed as the technical contact here. It's the ad agency for the company behind Lee Jeans. Or as NTK puts it "http://www.rubberburner.com, http://www.supergreg.com, http://www.borntodestroy.com - all fake MAHIR cults registered by viral marketeers..."
posted by holgate at 3:24 PM on July 28, 2000

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