belching bugs, cereal killers & crazy critters
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Cameron Tiede's art will bring out the silly kid in you (flash alert!). Play musical favorites with the belching bugs, spend some time with the critter creator, learn cool things about Egypt and mummies (don't miss "death"), and stop by his wacky portfolio before you leave. You may have seen some of his illustrated creations on Nickelodeon. Fun stuff!
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So creepily cool! Thanks Madame, you've come through again. :)
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More mummy making flash (BBC). Actual instructions: "You must do it perfectly... Ramose's prospects of reaching paradise depend entirely on you." Also: "Fail, and the soul of Ramose will be homeless, vulnerable to the demons of the underworld. His body will rot away."

Have fun, kids!
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Delightful - I loved the music in Egypt too! I could tell it was a good piece by the great animation during loading - usually a reliable test.

Thank you so much, juju, for this introduction to Cameron Tiede's work!
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Great fun madamjujujive. I love his illustrations.
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Thank you. Thank you veeeerrry much.


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