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Jack T. Chick. When Clowes, whose screenplay for the indie film Ghost World received an Academy Award nomination, was in college, he read 80 Chick tracts in one sitting. "By the end of the night I was convinced I was going to hell," he says. link by bb.
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Jack Chick is a strange man.

That is all.
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Chick Tracts?

More like Bigot Wank.

Still hilarious, though. I love the way he justifies his world view, by drawing whatever suits his world-view, as if it made it true.

Hilarious (and a little sad.)
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what's strange is i was reading "ghost world" just before logging on. i remember having these all over the place when i was a kid. they scared me, some of them. i always wished i still had them all.
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RUN! Crappy music!
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Chick tracts used to frighten the hell (no pun intended) when I was a kid. My father was a sometimes Assembly of God minister, so those things were everywhere: churches, religious schools, Christian bookstores. Scarier than the existence of the Chick Tracts is the number people who believe they are an effective way of "spreading the gospel." Now I get a real kick out of them. When I was going through my Masonic Conspiracy phase, my favorite one was "The Curse of Baphomet," which explained how the Masons are
Satanists. Also high on my list of favorites are "Are Roman Catholics Christian?" (self explanatory) and "The Death Cookie"(Eucharist is a Satanic/pagan ritual).
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I read that article in LA Magazine this month. I found it funny that the reporter was nearly stalking Chick.

Also: previously on MetaFilter.
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Mmmmmm... Death Cookies. Goes great with the blood of Christian babies.
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Thanks for the link. I'll read it tomorrow at work. Ten years ago I sent away for a one-of-each deal of Chick's booklets. I don't know what happened to them. I know my wife thought it was strange that I coveted such strange Christian kitsch.
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There's lots of churches that will send you a complete set of Chick tracts, in an attractive box, for next to nothing. It's a good deal, and you won't believe the deluge of bizarre mail that will come as a result of your order.

Chick doing Bible stories is pretty boring; I prefer the tracts that take on various social ills such as Islam, abortion, alcoholism, Judeaism, Roman Catholicism and generally being a badass.
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Dark Dungeon is my personal favourite.
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I don't want to Elfstar anymore, I want to be Debbie!
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Wow, Chick actually believes that the necronomicon is real...what a strange place the world must be to someone like him.

(I just read through his written diatribe against d&d, which is kind of obscurely fascinating)
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I hope somewhere in his dozens of little mags, Chick notes that COMICS ROT YOUR MIND.
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Ahhh, such fond memories of LSD and Jack Chick comics. I miss college. Thanks, _fire_.
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jesus christ i'm glad i read that, stuart_r!
i mean, i've always wondered if a christian should play dungeons and dragons (new updated research).
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I truly wonder how many souls that Chick had saved through his tracts. Do they really work, or is just about everyone in on the joke by now?
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You can get the whole enchilada (or at least 95 tracts) for $12.95USD!

And there are testimonials, too. Some days I despair for the human race. Just about every day I visit MeFi, actually.
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I'm a believer, but every time I read one of Chick tracts I'm rolling my eyes in exasperation by the third frame or so. They're just so friggin' lame. Christianity is about love, not being control freaks and pod people.

I remember a Cheech & Chong skit where the guys are downtown and meet a proselytizer who professes, in a brain-damaged monotone, that "I was all messed up on drugs, but now I am all messed up on the Lord." Indeed, every time I've had one of these tracts inflicted on me, it's been been courtesy of a disturbed-seeming individual. it me, or is there some really weird, creepy ambience to the artwork???
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Chick on evolution, my personal favorite. It's always easy to discredit something when you're variously making up, changing, and ignoring information, and then getting it from disreputable sources. But hey, if god says it's okay...
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Professor: "Do you believe in evolution?"

Class in chorus: "We do!"

Religious guy: "Evolution is bogus."

Class in chorus: "He's got a point!"

Jack Chick is the living stereotype. He transcribes the wet dreams of the creationists and the bigots.
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"I don't want to ridicule Chick, but I don't buy into him. One thing I will say is that his image of God is just stupid." According to the East Bay Express, Bob Fowler's The World of Chick? is the definitive guide all that is Chick, including "the classically nervous, sweating, blasphemous bald men who populate Chick's universe."

Also, I found a picture of KISS reading Chick.
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hehe... from _sirmissalot_'s link..

For example, there is now a whole line of materials based on the hellish H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos... the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos are quite real.

yeeeeeah... just as real as Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters I and II, and a jackalope. The leaps of reality fundie's make is amazing.
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I want Jack Chick to write a comic about ME!!! Any ideas on how I can make this dream come true?
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Every morning on the way to work I stop at a particular newspaper box and pick up a USAToday. Now it hasn't happened lately, but for about two or three years the odds were better than even that the paper I grabbed would also have a JTC tract shoved into its folds. I got quite a chuckle out of reading them whilst waiting for the bus; after awhile I actually looked forward to finding it and was disappointed when it was one I had already read.

I just read the link to the D&D issue (which I also hadn't read); the players at the table are really lame. Don't they know about resurrection spells?
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Don't they know about resurrection spells?

Isn't that a Christian thing?
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Maybe resurrection spells are a Christian thing, but Marvel Comics perfected the idea.

Chick's a chump. Still, I found the tracts entertaining back when I was in elementary school. Reading them would pass the time on Sunday mornings, waiting for the church service to be over.
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