Dinky cars
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Dinky cars, first produced in the 1930's represent the classic diecast model vehicles. From original Dinky Toys cars, to my personal favourite manufacturer, Matchbox, which produced some amazing models such as this Ferrarri Berlinetta, and it's poor American counterpart Hot Wheels, kids all over couldn't have enough cars to race, drive around all over, or the best and the most fun... stimulate high speed accidents.
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As a Corgi loyalist the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 was a classic. Ejector seat, pop out bullet proof screen, and guns. Sadly I can't find a link anywhere...
posted by marvin at 11:00 AM on May 3, 2003

Marvin, I also had the DB5. Unfortunately the ejector seat broke off years ago and the baddie in the passenger seat disappeared with it. Thanks to that toy, the DB5 is still my dream car.

Great links, riffola. I still have my Matchbox race track and collection of Dinkies. Now I just have to wait a year or two so I can give them to my niece and start playing all over again.
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Very 'stimulating' post.
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'stimulating', how presumptuous of you?! It's not a typo! It's not! I did not stupidly put that "t" in there! The fault is on your end, not mine!
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Too cool riff - it is small car day on MeFi today - must be telepathy! These dinky cars are very fun, thanks.

Somewhat different, but something I came across in the post on microcars are these little radio controlled pocket sized cars from Japan that seem to be popular now.
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I used to have a Dinky Thunderbird 2 which for some reason was blue not green as in the TV series and movies.
posted by mark13 at 11:21 AM on May 4, 2003

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