Bloggers Unite to fight
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Bloggers unite to fight : Writers of web journals are joining forces to help free a blogger detained in Iran. At the same time, weblog are going to have much more political functions, especially in closed societies such as Iran. Their governments are begining to take notice.
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next week: bloggers unite to eliminate the scourge of slavery and oppression throughout the universe!
posted by quonsar at 4:11 PM on May 3, 2003

Time to use freenet!
posted by shepd at 4:33 PM on May 3, 2003

Oh... unite to protest. I was picturing On Wings of Eagles.
posted by son_of_minya at 4:37 PM on May 3, 2003

Call me crazy, but this is Iran we're talking about. They aren't going to change because any particular group is pissed off at them. It's not as if it's a democracy or anything. In fact, a big backlash might just make them look at it as more of a threat internally, and lead to a crackdown.

My guess is the only way anyone can change the Iranian government or force them to do anything is at the end of a gun. Alternately, you might get some concessions with a large bribe.
posted by Mitrovarr at 5:10 PM on May 3, 2003

Because we all know how much political clout bloggers hold with totalitarian regimes?
posted by insomnyuk at 5:26 PM on May 3, 2003

again, hoder?
posted by hobbes at 5:49 PM on May 3, 2003

Yes, but these were two new stories from the BBC that I linked to.
posted by hoder at 6:11 PM on May 3, 2003

Then again, thanks to the Bush administration, you never have to look all the way to Iran anymore to find political prisoners...
posted by insomnia_lj at 7:05 PM on May 3, 2003

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