Iraqi teen shares her diary of war
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Iraqi teen shares her diary of war In an Iraqi teenager's youthful hand, Amal wrote her war diary, committing to the pages of her orange journal the emotions of a family at Baghdad's ground zero. Amal's diary - often written by lamplight using the floor as a table - charts how some Iraqis' thinking has been transformed in a month.
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Very moving...
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We're fortunate to be privy to this young woman's diary chronicling the days of war in Baghdad. Her writing is so direct and real and is infused with the wonder and resilience of youth.

By the way...where is Salam Pax?
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By the way...where is Salam Pax?
Hopefully still breathing... and waiting for internet access to be restored.
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The Americans waved and I waved back, but I was afraid.

That about sums it up...
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Another one brainwashed with that whole god thing. Too bad we could not save her in time.
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great link, i'm curious how much of the "poetry" is a direct result of translation. I would have thought she'd have more to write then a sentence or two every few days if she's cooped up hiding all the time (sheesh, ann frank wrote a whole freakin novel)
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