Terror and Technology, Inc.
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Terror and Technology Online Shockwave-demos its mid-May virtual trade show, marketed vigorously to the readership of the Journal of Homeland Security. "A new perspective on how the war on terror can and should be fought. Exhibitors will gain brand influence by presenting to influential market players."
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Journal of HS = ANSAR Advancing National Strategies and Enabling Results == ???
posted by five fresh fish at 1:02 PM on May 5, 2003

I'm experiencing a little bit of meta-terror here. Now that we've created a real, for-profit anti-terror industry, what will that industry do if people start feeling more secure and less in need of counter-terror measures?

[insert cynical but horrifyingly plausible scenario here]
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well, what does the anti-virus industry do when sales lag?
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Ummm....sometimes the "real" benefit of a conference is the all-expenses vacation that is inseparable from the package.

It's just not as much fun somehow to substitute this "virtual conference" so that someone can sit at a desk with a Subway sandwich and giant Diet Coke combo clicking on 3D renderings like a maniac.
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