Kodomo no hi
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Kodomo no hi : May 5 is officially Children's Day in Japan, but it is traditionally all about boys. On this day, Japanese households make a display of ningyo musha (Samurai dolls), prepare and eat special food, hang carp streamers (koinobori) outside the house, and sing the Koinobori Song.
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In Hawaii, at least, the separate "Boy's Day" (5/5) and "Girl's Day" (3/3) are still observed. I remember as a kid getting very excited about putting the carp up outside our house... although they're not as prevalent today as they were then.
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And then the world ends 10 days later?
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A lil' more detail on Kintaro and Momotaro.
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    "According to the group's literature, Chino believes that an undiscovered planet is moving closer to the earth and will cause "cataclysmic" changes this summer."
Hope this is not a developing case of "Heaven's Gate: Part Doh!"
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Yeah; the Japanese Girl's Day is on March 3rd as well.
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It was children's day here in Korea yesterday.

I celebrated by coming out from under my bridge and capturing and eating a few.

Actually, it was weird. Any other freaking day, there are herds of the noisy little bastards racing around my neighbourhood shrieking and jabbering. Yesterday? An eerie silence. A pleasant silence, but somehow heavy with foreboding.

So far today, all is well.
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