Robots Have Feelings Too - a group art show
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Robots Have Feelings Too is a group art show at the Culture Cache gallery in San Francisco through mid-May. It features work by more than 60 established and emerging artists, illustrators, cartoonists and graffiti writers. The online exhibit is fun to surf, with samples and biogs for each artist, and links to their web page. Meet some new artists! (via HOPPE)
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great link. was a at figure drawing group last week and someone had been to this show [about 90 miles from here] and he sent me the link....hoping to have time to get the the real show, but i doubt it...hope all you urban SF dwellers take advantage, think of the sad people like me out in the sticks....

any other WebZine participants from years past should recognize the work of Jonathan Wayshack, he made the super-cool logo for webzine2000.

any MeFi people in that show?
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Death by shuttlecock.
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Culture Cache *is* a cool gallery. They had a great Shepard Fairey show awhile ago.

This particular show, however, might be better viewed online. It seemed kinda poorly hung to me because it's such a small space. not that I want to keep anyone from going out there (i actually just walked by and didn't go in, so maybe the fact that everything is like two inches from each other works when you get inside), but I think when you hang too many disparate pieces in a single show you really lose a lot of aesthetic on each piece.

IE : If you're putting together a group show you should be discriminating and pick out a couple artists who are complementary in some way (conflict being an interesting attribute as well). this works better for the viewers and for the artist (who probably stands a better chance of selling his work and/or getting more of his work shown, so you get an idea of what they are doing). the show from the outside just looks like some kind of explosion went off, or maybe like you're in some pub with 90 years of robot sport memorablia.

anyhow, i am not a gallery owner, nor a curator, just a crybaby.

(still: culture cache rocks, and the people who work there are seriously nice.)
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What richness, juju - thanks! I love it when new talent comes in droves - Melinda Beck's drawings are very striking, for instance.
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thanks, madamjujujive! I'll check out the gallery this weekend (and report back if I can think of something intelligent to say).
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I think you have a point fishfucker - check out the photos from the opening reception. But if I lived close enough I would still go, and it's a fun online resource to discover some emerging artists.

Thanks for pointing out Wayshack & making that connection th3ph17. And Miguel, thanks - Melinda is cool. I also like Shauna Peterson and her website is fun too.

And I just love Gary Taxali - go see his work if nothing else!
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Fabulous... thanks for another great one, madamjujujive.
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Great link madamejuju. As usual, nothing but the best. Thanks.
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but I think when you hang too many disparate pieces in a single show you really lose a lot of aesthetic on each piece

I'd have to agree. I found myself focusing on one or two pieces for each section; it wasn't distracting, but I think I spent less time on some works than I might have had they been given their own space. My favorite illustrators of the show were Oksana Badrak (bio, 'lone pigeon') and Gary Taxali (bio, 'The Three Stages').

My favorite piece was by Badrak, and unfortunately it's nowhere to be found on her site or the Culture Cache's -- you can sort of make it out as the bottom rightmost piece in this photo -- it shows two battery toting robosquirrels with an imposing Lenin in the foreground. The same squirrels appear in this design, which is part of her series of folding patterns (eDesign).
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