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Last of the free Animatrix episodes released! I've been waiting for this for a long time (in fact, ever since it was discussed here). Set to be released on DVD June 3rd, four of the nine animated shorts were made available to download, one released every month since February. The last one, The Second Renaissance Part 2, has finally been released, much to my anticipation [Note: Quicktime required]. This one is directed by Mahiro Maeda, famous his Blue Submarine no. 6 series. Other directors include Shinichiro Watanabe, known for his work on Cowboy Bebop, and Aeon Flux's Peter Chung.
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Thanks, joedan.
posted by theora55 at 6:37 AM on May 8, 2003

Cool...Now what I want to know is where the heck can I see the Flight of the Osiris without having to see Dreamcatcher...
posted by aaronscool at 9:56 AM on May 8, 2003

You can download the whole animatrix now.
Someone people got ahold of it early somehow. Its 1.6 gigs
posted by Iax at 11:13 AM on May 8, 2003

Are these things I need to see in order to understand the plot of the new "Matrix Reloaded" movie? Or are they purely independent storylines?
posted by dnash at 12:02 PM on May 8, 2003

Mostly independent storylines, a couple of them specific to Reloaded. This article explains where they fit within the larger story.
posted by O9scar at 12:39 PM on May 8, 2003

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