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The Appalshop, nestled in the hills of coal-stained eastern Kentucky, was founded in 1969 as a War on Poverty project designed to train young people in Appalachia for jobs in film and television. Today, it flourishes as one of the premier cultural outposts of a proud and struggling swath of America. Its projects include documentary films, a record label, and one of the best public radio stations in the country.
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Thanks for the post PrinceValium!

You are correct in the quality of things Appalshop.

One of my best friends ever was instrumental in the founding of Appalshop and today it continues to preserve the Southern Highlander culture, music, and stories.

The stories of exploitation of this region and it's people are heart wrenching.
Kinda like what many large energy corporations are doing in small third world countries today happened here first.

Go see! It's well worth the time!
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It's public radio, but not NPR, which is refreshing. I've been listening all morning (thanks for the link) and it's extremely refreshing. Man, they talk slowly. Time for me to slow down some more, I guess.
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I just coughed up some cash after listening all morning...refreshing change of pace from the Silicon Valley country station, and good to get back to my roots in the sticks of Washington state.
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Excellent links, PrinceValium - really quality stuff here. Been listening to the radio station while I work tonight. Thank you!
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