July 22, 2000
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I'm trying to buy a computer- a newer one. My 'mental health', however, won't seem to let me. Extreme paranoia and crushing guilt. How much is too much to pay for a computer (we're talking PCs here, not Macs)? Well, that depends on how much one earns, right? Let's just say that money is not an issue for me.
Plus, I'm a software engineer. So, I'll be using it for more than porn and MeFi. Why can't I 'click here to check out'?
Tell me I'm not alone...
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Quit being a puss and cash out you pansy. Do you want you grandma to make you a sandwich? It is only money....
posted by internook at 7:13 PM on July 22, 2000

Jesus, I get freaky sometimes. For instance, buying a pair of tennis shoes. There are sooooo many types to choose from. The colors.... I get all sweaty-palmed. I choose... the room is blurry-fish-eyed. My heart stops hearting. Throw the shoes. Run. Run. Run, credit card in hand. I wish the sun would die a miserable death some days.
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I'm en-fucking-titled. I earn a good living. Really. I is college educated. A computer costs a couple thousand bucks- that's all. Why do I have such trouble spending money? I grew up poor. 800 square feet, two sisters, and two overweight parents. Suburbs. Ice cream truck. Experiment with drugs and break into an elementary school. Good clean fun. Point. Click. Purchase.
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Pennies and nickels. Watch them, and the dollars take care of themselves. Oh, to be- anyone but me. To be simple like you. Pick up your dirty clothing and clean your house. Be a member of society. Don't drink from the fountain in the park... again. Stop touching people and licking things. This is true agony.
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A moth at the window. Enjoy it while it lasts. Procrastination. Hum de dum.... I can't seem to treat myself to the simplest of pleasures. Why can't I just do it? Right there. Online shopping. Clicky, clicky, click. Next business day shipping. I hate me. Arghhhh....
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Someone... please... help.
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1) Agonize for a few more minutes.
2) In frustration at yourself, life, and the world at large, hit your current computer with a large, blunt object. Several times.
3) Return to basics for a few days.
4) Get so sick of 'basics', suffer from withdrawal, and realize that you absolutely *must* go buy a computer, using whatever means necessary.
5) Go buy a computer.

posted by fable at 7:46 PM on July 22, 2000

I've been through this process twice in the last three months -- well, actually three times depending on how you count.

First, I upgraded the mobo and CPU and display card of my main computer (Antares) which all told came in at about $1200.

Second, a friend of mine who knows nothing about computers said to me "I want a notebook computer and you're going to tell me which one to buy and I want it to last me five years" so I spent two anxious days browsing the web comparing notebooks from various sources. We ended up with a PIII/600 with a 15" screen from Compaq which had both USB and ethernet built in, and she's been perfectly happy with it. That was about $3500, all told. She also bought a printer on my advice (USB) and she wants a scanner. She's got a Barbie doll, alright. ("Barbie always needs more clothes.")

Third, about three weeks ago I decided I wanted a notebook computer of my own, and I went to Fry's and looked around, and saw something I fell in love with instantly. But I forced myself to sleep on it -- and then went back next morning and bought it first thing. It's a Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1XS and I think it's fantastic. The screen is small (1024*480) but quite adequate, and the thing is tiny and much more convenient to carry than a standard notebook.

But there's something you simply have to accept about this: No matter what you buy, within 6 weeks someone will be offering for sale a computer with the same or more features at a lower price. You've just got to bite your lip and accept that.


posted by Steven Den Beste at 7:55 PM on July 22, 2000

Six weeks? More like six days! I ordered my motherboard, and the new version was released while mine was in mid-shipment!
Just get the best you can right now and then avoid any information about new machines for at least six months.
posted by dogwelder at 8:35 PM on July 22, 2000

Well, if you're the type to be constantly keeping up with computers and technology (you know who you are, you FiringSquad junkies and HardOCP'ers out there), then you're really better off buying a non-Dell / non-Compaq / non-IBM / non-Apple system. Reason? Let me tell you.

Last year I bought a Dell PII-333. Nice little system until I decided I wanted a 3D graphics card to play all the cool new games. So I bought myself a new TNT2 Ultra. Good little card. So I pop open my case, and much to my surprise, I can't find the freaking AGP port. Turns out Dell's proprietary motherboard has ONBOARD video in the form of an ATI Rage Pro chip (which used the AGP bus and as a result they figured no AGP port was necessary). So what did I do? I bought a new motherboard that DID have the AGP port I needed. So $200 more cash out the window. I get all excited, popping open the case and putting in the new motherboard. Doh. It doesn't fit, and won't power up properly.

The next day, in my frustration, I bought a new AOpen full tower case ($150). Pop in the new motherboard, new video card. Works nice? Yes, BUT there's no sound. The Dell had ONBOARD sound too! So I shell out another $99 for a SB Live Value. I'm done now right? Well, not really. I sort of find my system too slow. So I bought myself a P3-550 coppermine chip. $300+ more down the drain.

FINALLY, I have a system I'm happy with. So what's left from my old Dell system that I re-used? The monitor. Everything else got replaced.

What does that tell you about the system? If you're the type to be constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, I suggest you assemble your own computer. Otherwise stick to the big boys. Anyways, I probably could have avoided all this hassle if I had just picked up a PCI TNT2 Ultra board instead of the AGP board. Who says ignorance is bliss?
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Oh yeah. And if you're going to be the type to be on the lookout for the next big thing, here's a good tip:

Put aside a certain amount of money you'll spend each month (my limit is around $200 / month) on computer parts.

That way, you'll be happy with the stuff you buy AND you won't put such a huge dent on your pocketbook.
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 10:45 PM on July 22, 2000

I'm a mac person, but if I were to buy/build a PC, I would check out Ars Technica's buying guides first.
posted by sudama at 11:17 PM on July 22, 2000

Oh, and if it will alleviate your guilt any, feel free to give me your old computer. I'm sure it will be quite sufficient for my needs. My hideous needs. HAHHAHHAHHAH!

Sorry. Went a little Victor Von Doom there. I'm better now.
So anyway, give me your computer. Or don't. Whatever.
posted by Ezrael at 8:39 AM on July 23, 2000

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