e-Government White House chats for e-citizens
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Ask the White House - forget fireside chats - e-Government is here! Got a question about judicial nominees, the EPA, the economy? Head to the online White House and ask your questions directly to national leaders. As with any online forum, be sure to check the privacy policy first.
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Counsel to the President Judge Alberto Gonzales

Judge Gonzales: Good afternoon. Thanks for joining me on "Ask the White House". This is an important day to participate in this online discussion as tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the president's first 11 Appeals Court nominations. Of those nominations, four still have yet to receive an up or down vote. Let's get started

Ummm... does the Republican party really need campaign finance anymore now that they can use the public institutions as their own personal soapboxes at taxpayers' expense?

(/not expecting the other party to be any better after this, either)
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Thanks madamjujujive!
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Direct links to some of the interviews: Andrew Card, Christine Whitman.
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This is a great, great idea, but the mind boggles at what they'll have to wade through every day. I mean, what about spam? I get (on average) several hundred viagra/loan/enlarge-whatever nonsense junk mails a week, and sometimes many more. The *White House*? Hoy, it's a recipe for disaster.

Just imagine the diatribes and all-caps rants!

Anyway, it would be wonderful to go straight to the source with questions and things, but I'd not like to be on the e-mail reception staff, that's for sure. Or maybe it's an ingenious plan to create new job opportunities?
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"an online interactive forum where you can submit questions to White House officials."

i don't see any interactivity and no means to submit questions. and all i see are transcripts of what may or may not have been real questions from real people.

yeah, this is a huge leap forward in e-government. the bush administration has damn near caught up with early adopters like these e-government pioneers.
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ok, lets try that again:

the bush administration has damn near caught up with early adopters like these e-government pioneers.
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I couldn't find a way to submit questions either q, and I was hoping we might have a few submitted from MeFi at the next session, damn! I would particularly like to see the questions you would ask! But I am shocked you doubt the reality of such spontaneous human exchanges as:

Laura Ingraham, from D.C. writes: Do you have plans to invade France next?
Secretary Card: Laura ---- Good to read your words. Good job at the rally last weekend. Virginia wine is fine with me.

Shaun, from San Antonio writes: Judge Gonzales, heres a tough one for you... Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans?
Judge Gonzales: Houston Oilers!!!!!!!

hama7, the mind does indeed boggle. Perhaps they are getting the Nigerian scam mail already. And as for job opportunites, one can apply directly using the Presidential Personnel Application. Apparently, there are openings - The President will also make many other political appointments that do not require Senate confirmation but be warned: The hours are long and the pace intense.

SpaceCoyote, I share your concerns! I picture Rove standing over the shoulder of the "chatter."
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Saw these a couple weeks ago, madam. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm glad the government is spending its precious bandwidth, server space, and time well:

Charlie, from Maryland writes:
Mr. Card... As a fellow University of South Carolina alum, the one real question is... How do you think the Gamecock football team do this year?

Secretary Card:
Go Gamecocks!!!! Coach Holtz is the best and has recruited a terrific team. (Beat Clemson!)
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I thought THIS was the White House privacy policy...
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