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Blackwolf the Dragonmaster... New York's Unofficial Wizard. You may remember him from when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog took on Star Wars Fanboys. Learn far too much about his background. In fact he's for hire although he's got no time for playa haters.
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The last link is borked. Here's the correct link.
posted by PenDevil at 4:16 AM on May 13, 2003

[MeFi'd already. Google's cache is here. Really, that oughta be SOP when linking to sites on Geocities and its ilk, doncha think?

*waggles finger in schoolmarmy fashion*]
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:19 AM on May 13, 2003

Funny, the link was on Memepool about a year ago and I never noticed it going offline..
posted by Space Coyote at 4:35 AM on May 13, 2003

posted by stew560 at 5:20 AM on May 13, 2003

Excellent, PenDevil. I should've expected this guy to have a Geocities page.
posted by gramcracker at 5:31 AM on May 13, 2003

I hate people who destroy a perfectly post-modern comment like, "Huzzah!", with their insipid belief systems.

posted by Dagobert at 6:02 AM on May 13, 2003

You can also access the realm (ahem) of the so-called Duke of Talisker here:
posted by Icky at 7:50 AM on May 13, 2003

I've actually seen this guy walking around New York in full regalia.

And if the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog video wasn't enough evidence, his website should be: he's seriously living in his own delusion of him as a wizard. It's not just a job or a game, it's his life. Paging Peter Pan...
posted by Asparagirl at 9:04 AM on May 13, 2003

Also, be sure to check out Something Awful's telephone interview of the Dragonmaster himself.
posted by Acetylene at 10:12 AM on May 13, 2003

I'm friends with the two people who did the telephone interview, apparently, they are planning a follow-up.
posted by Snyder at 10:26 AM on May 13, 2003

Ohhh man. Too funny. Thanks, PenDevil. Now we're no longer "uninformed hounds."
posted by scarabic at 11:18 AM on May 13, 2003

Site has exceeded it's bandwith limit. Take that, fresh hound!

My friends and I seriously pondered flying this guy down to Florida under the guise of having him do entertainment for a party just to see what his deal was.
posted by BackwardsHatClub at 1:11 PM on May 13, 2003

Well, feel free to not look at it again, then, Space Coyote. We don't all frequent the same websites.
posted by Mars Saxman at 4:09 PM on May 13, 2003

These guys are dangerous, not so much in themselves but in that they can make other very screwed up folks feel totally normal by comparison, and who knows where that might lead.
posted by HTuttle at 6:05 PM on May 13, 2003

Mars: untwist those panties, I was just wondering out loud why a mefi link can bring a site down in a matter of minutes while I had no problem with it last time.

posted by Space Coyote at 9:06 PM on May 13, 2003

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