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Grand Challenge The research arm of the US Department of Defense, DARPA, is sponsoring a $1 million winner take all contest to build a completely autonomous vehicle which can navigate a roughly 250 mile course in the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in under 10 hours. Teams from Caltech and Carnegie Mellon have formed, though anyone is allowed to enter.
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Go Red Team go!
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Completely autonomous desert-going robot. Hmm.

Do you get extra points for having built-in Friend or Foe Detection systems? Which is preferred, the non-lethal add-on pack, or the urban pacification model? [self-link]
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Can it be an aircraft or is that cheating? lol
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Sellouts? Now? DARPA funds an incredible amount of robotics research already, at academic institutions and elsewhere, and has for many years.

Do not direct your emnity toward the players. I recommend that you instead focus it on the game.
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xmutex, ditto.

Why do people feel the need to link to another very losely-related thread on the same day? If you're gonna do this xFilter stuff, at least post something supporting your snarky link.
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