Southwestern United States Rock Art Gallery
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Southwestern United States Rock Art Gallery. 'This page is devoted to Native American Rock Art of the Southwestern United States. Currently, most images on this page are from Utah. This will change as time permits.'
Related :- this Precolumbian Collection from Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection (which has an interesting history itself).
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Wonderful post, plep. Thank you.

There are also many other fascinating examples of petroglyphs in the American southwest, among other wonderful things.
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There's a lot of beautiful rock art out there, I try to make time to see any that are nearby when I'm travelling. Most of the ones that are relatively easy to get to have been destroyed unfortunately, at least in my experience. I really enjoy getting to the more difficult ones but it's not always possible to get to them if you're in the area on other business.
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[This is very good]

Thanks, plep! I found it difficult to forget John Ford and Sam Peckinpah. It's a wonder rock art doesn't feature, so far as I know, in any of their films. Well, not in this definition. Monumentally, I think it does.
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[slightly off topic]
Miguel, did you hear about the John Ford-directed 1917 silent Western that's recently been rediscovered and put back together?
'Bucking Broadway' - news story here.
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Some of this rock art is threatened by the way the BLM/Bush Administration would like to exploit wilderness for the use of oil/gas/mining interests. 3 million acres in Utah alone were recently stripped of any wilderness protection.

If you have a congresscritter, please write them and ask them to support the Redrock Wilderness act which will place additional protections for the art and the land its on.
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No one has clapped eyes on a copy for 80-years or more.

Good thing I read this before I pretended to go "Oh, "Buckin' Broadway, of course - great film! I recommend it, plep!"

Thanks doubly. :)
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I love this stuff, plep - thanks for the cool links. A few years ago, I visited Petroglyph National Monument - the first link in hama7's list (thanks hama7!). It's on the outskirts of Albuquerque & I would recommend it. Too bad they built a highway in the middle of it, but there are still some wonderful specimens.
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